Hidden Business Ideas
Proven, Low-Cost, and Low-Risk Businesses You Can Start...

by Dien Rice, Ph.D.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

As an entrepreneur - or as someone who is on your way to becoming one - I want congratulate you! Why?

- Because it means you're an an independent thinker.

- You're a person who stands on your own two feet.

- You're someone who's a "mover and shaker" in society.

The world depends on people like you - to make things happen, to create new products and services and make them easily available, and even to put everything in motion to create new jobs.

Yes - the world needs more people like you! It's people like you who create wealth and innovation for everyone!

Of course, entrepreneurship is personally very rewarding too. Whether it is regarding your lifestyle, or regarding your income.

What you will find out here will help you to create and accelerate your success!

Do you think you're unaware of many profitable opportunities?

There seem to be a million-and-one ways that people make money. It's amazing to read all the opportunities that are available to you!

However, many people don't see them, or don't know about them! That's why they're left behind!

When you see all the different ways that you could make money - it's hard to resist getting some of that extra cash for yourself!

That's what you get with the Hidden Business Ideas Letter. You will read about NEW business ideas that REAL PEOPLE are doing. Real money-making ideas that you can do yourself!

- If you have a business already, and you want to make more profits...

- Or if you don't have a business yet, and you are considering starting one...

- Or if you are employed in a job, but you'd like more financial security...

Then you'll want the Hidden Business Ideas Letter!

The amazing thing is that all these business ideas are...

  • LOW-COST and LOW-RISK to start. And

I could blab on and on but the best way to find out is to just check it out for yourself!

Anyone can do these ideas... And you can GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY! There's no need to wait!


I could talk your ear off about it, but the best way to find out is to check it out and prove it for yourself!

Here are some of the money-making business ideas that you'll soon discover...

  • Nationwide Business was Started in his Basement!

    M.S. started a one man business, in his basement! Now his business is nation-wide!

    He first made this for his family. Then, for friends. From there, it just exploded.

    Many people make the same product at home. You've probably made it many times before.

    Here's how M.S. made his business grow huge, selling a product that almost everybody can actually make at home.

    Investors liked what he was doing so much, they didn't hesitate to give him $250,000.

    (Issue #66)

  • This One-Person Business Was Impossible Before the Internet!

    This is a business that sells a physical product, but it was impossible to do before the internet.

    It's a one-man business. This product fulfils a crazy dream many girls and women have.

    Now, many businesses following this model have sprung up. We explain exactly how it works, and how you can do it with no worry about the competition!

    (Issue #65)

  • $1 Million Dollars a Month!

    Two people started this business just a few years ago. They sell products many people want.

    Now they bring in $1 million dollars a month!

    It's a relatively simple business. The real secret relies on knowing about a little-known way to buy the products to resell.

    When you know this little-known way to buy, you could potentially bring in that kind of income!

    We reveal exactly how it works!

    (Issue #64)

  • Ordinary Mother Made Over $1 Million in Sales!

    R.K. is an ordinary mother, who has made over $1 million dollars.

    She started at home, and grew her business from there.

    The items she sells are kind of quirky, but the niche is demanding enough that she can make a huge profit!

    We reveal exactly how she set it up, and the pathway this ordinary mother took to make $1 million dollars.

    (Issue #63)

  • Reliable Monthly Income From a Collectible You Create!

    This is a type of collectible, but it's not what comes to most people's minds when they think of collectibles. It's a specialized niche.

    However, it's one that can bring you money in over and over, day after day, week after week.

    These two people actually make their own collectibles. And their customers buy them over and over, making them a nice stream of great reliable monthly income!

    We explain how you can do the same (most of the work is outsourced, so you don't have to do much). And how you can bring in great dollars in every month like clockwork!

    (Issue #62)

  • Undercover Profits!

    This lady attends big, lavish, family events. She pretends she's part of the event. But she's really there incognito.

    And she gets paid to be undercover!

    You'll find out exactly what she does to make money this secretive way!

    (Issue #61)

  • Dollars From Satisfying What Many People Dream About

    There's a place many people dream about, around the country, and around the world.

    This guy makes money from that feeling. He scratches that "itch" for many people.

    Here's how he does this to bring in the dollars!

    (Issue #60)

  • Unusual "Surprise" Business!

    Everybody loves surprises. But not usually this type!

    This is a very unusual type of "surprise" business. And people will pay for it - even though they have no idea what will happen!

    It's thrilling - and profitable! Here's how one couple makes this "surprise" business bring in the cash!

    (Issue #59)

Here are some more money-making business ideas that you'll discover...

  • How to profit from boats, even if you don't own one (issue 2, p.5)
  • How to draw-in dollars as an online "detective" (issue 18, p.5)
  • Ways to make more from blogging (issue 20, p.9)
  • How to make funds from football (issue 26, p.1)
  • How to make some "senior shekels" (issue 18, p.7)
  • How to "sell your state" (issue 1, p.9)
  • How to make online social club cash (issue 3, p.12)
  • How to make website repair riches (issue 27, p.1)
  • How to profit by delivering an awkward message (issue 7, p.12)
  • How to write up a new, profitable future - potentially $3,500 a week (issue 5, p.12)
  • How to break into blogging (without writing a single word of your own blog) (issue 15, p.1)
  • How to gain from graves (issue 15, p.5)

...plus you'll find out about...

  • A business which has huge potential - some people get very wealthy doing just this (issue 19, p.4)
  • How to "clean up" while cleaning up the streets (issue 28, p.8)
  • A non-toxic trade (issue 21, p.4)
  • How to make money by dressing funny (issue 8, p.4)
  • How to profit from comics (issue 14, p.1)
  • How to make dollars from your driveway - possibly $10 a day, doing nothing but having a driveway! (issue 10, p.1)
  • How to start your own educational institution for less than $500 (issue 9, p.1)
  • How to "cash-in" with this one-person service business for corporate high-fliers (issue 13, p.9)
  • How to turn gossip into gold (issue 2, p.11)
  • How to make CSI support money (issue 27, p.6)
  • A great business for those who are good with their hands (issue 20, p.7)
  • How to profit from private car sales (issue 7, p.1)
  • Make mortgage moolah (issue 23, p.6)
  • How to make legal profits from crime (issue 21, p.1)
  • How to make bread from your phone (issue 24, p.4)
  • How to entertain for fun and profit (issue 23, p.10)
  • How to make dollars from fun-loving dog-owners (issue 12, p.4)

You can really stimulate your mind with all the real businesses that people are doing. It's very inspirational to your entrepreneurial passions!

These aren't just your "run-of-the-mill" type ideas that you'll see in a lot of books. Many are a little bit unusual, or offbeat, or little-known... Yet even these ideas are low-cost to start, they're proven, and they also don't require a high level of skills...

Some other ideas are...

  • How to make diamonds from dating do's and don'ts (issue 28, p.4)
  • Making funds from freight (issue 22, p.1)
  • A business where you can help out parents with choosy kids (issue 19, p.1)
  • How to profit by locating hard-to-find items (issue 6, p.6)
  • How to start a virtual clothing empire - this is the kind of business you can "set up and forget" (issue 6, p.13)
  • How to make driving dollars (and it's not by driving a taxi) (issue 12, p.1)
  • How to create cash by helping charities (issue 18, p.1)
  • How to get dough from debt (issue 22, p.7)
  • How to make moolah from old (but not forgotten) tunes - one person doing this makes $250 per "show" (issue 5, p.1)
  • A business where your customers will be travelers (issue 20, p.1)
  • How to make moolah from plans - some people make up to $10,000 per plan (issue 11, p.1)
  • How to cash in on romance - you can make a 7x markup per product, and potentially make $5,600 per month (issue 11, p.9)
  • How to make "luggage lucre" (issue 28, p.11)
  • How to get dough from debt (issue 22, p.7)
  • How to make some fur-free furniture dollars - one business makes $40 per item sold (issue 4, p.1)
  • How the "trump card" could be your yard (issue 27, p.12)
  • How to make poster profits (without making a single poster) - one business doing this makes $125 per customer (issue 3, p.1)
  • How to make finances from feng shui (issue 13, p.6)
  • How to make profits from the pregnant (issue 24, p.1)
  • How to get the gold with hot headgear (issue 8, p.8)
  • How to get payments from pronunciation (issue 17, p.1)

...as well as...

  • How there's money in inventory (issue 25, p.4)
  • How to make marriage proposal profits (issue 22)
  • Time-share canine treasures (issue 22, p.11)
  • How to create customization cash - could bring in $3,000 a week profit, while having others do the work! (issue 1, p.1)
  • How to make "fishing fungolas" (issue 23, p.1)
  • How to make a slice of treasure from little tasks (issue 12, p.11)
  • How to make virtual world financial profits (that become real world dollars) (issue 4, p.9)
  • How to make sterling from seeds (issue 21, p.6)
  • How to make money from pet-owner rentals - potentially $1,500 a week (issue 4, p.6)
  • How to make moolah helping tourists have more fun - you can make a 5x to 10x markup on each product sold (issue 7, p.5)
  • How to create cash from "cosplay" - these products can sell for up to $350 each (issue 11, p.4)
  • ...and more...!

These are like "mini business plans". But if you were to get a business plan created specially for you, it usually costs thousands of dollars... When you think of it this way, The Hidden Business Ideas Letter is amazing value-for-money!

Don't just believe me. Here are what some other people are saying about The Hidden Business Ideas Letter... (These are all unsolicited comments... I didn't even ask for them, or "bribe" these subscribers in any way!)

"I love your newsletter--thank you so much for publishing it! These ideas are terrific triggers for my imagination and creativity." - J.N.

"Great letter." - A.M.

"I have found your newsletters to be really enhancing, uplifting, insightful, interesting and intriguing!" - J.M.

Checking these out twice a month will amaze your mind. It will get your "entrepreneurial juices" flowing like never before. Some people start these businesses as they are, while others prefer to adapt what they see to what money-making activities they're doing already...

I could blab on and on but the best way to find out is to just check it out for yourself!

Try these profitable ventures for a FULL 60 DAYS

There's a complete 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied by the end of 60 days, you can get your money back! And you'll get access to all the ideas. It's just $15 a month, and it's as fast and easy as filling out a simple form to GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY.

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(Dien Rice, Ph.D.)

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